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New Commenting System 17 October 2019

Commento - A Fast Privacy Focused Commenting Platform

Well, so far the only way to interact with was using Email.
No more, we have integrated a new commenting system into our blog.

Fixel Recolor 22 December 2018

Fixel Recolor Photoshop Plug In

Engineering is all about defining a problem, supposedly interesting and solvable, and solve it.
At Fixel, each one of the team is also a Photography Enthusiastic.
Hence each of has encountered the following situation - Looking at great image and thinking, “How can I recreates this colors in my image?”.
Since we’re also engineers, it seemed to us as a legitimate problem to define and try to solve.
More than that, it is solvable and we call our solution Fixel Recolor.

Luminosity Mask Done Right! 30 November 2018

Luminosity Mask 002

In our previous post Luminosity Mask - How Does It (Really) Work? we explained the theory behind Luminosity Mask.
In this post, as promised at the end of previous post, we will explore what happens behind Photoshop based Luminosity Mask generators.
We will see that utilizing Photoshop’s engine to create Luminosity Masks in the methods used by most create some artifact we better avoid.
In order to show how to avoid them we’ll suggest an idea and an implementation in the form of a Photoshop Plug In named - Fixel Zone Selector.