Fixel Detailizer 3

Multi Scale / Frequency Detail Booster

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Detailizer is a Photoshop Plug In that decomposes the image into five different detail ranges, that you can boost independently, just like an Hi-Fi Equalizer.

Advanced Algorithm

Detailizer is based on advanced algorithms with superior sharpening output. It eliminates issues of classic detail enhancement tools (High Pass Sharpening / USM / Smart Sharpen).

Edge Preserving & Halos Free

Detailizer uses state of the art Edge Preserving algorithms for Halos Free sharpening. Push sharpening to extreme with no artifacts.

8bit, 16bit, 32bit!

Made by Fixel Algorithms, Detailizer internally uses Floating Point (32bit) high precision, and works seamlessly on 8bit, 16bit and 32bit (HDR) files too!

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Fixel Detailizer 3 User Interface


Fixel Detailizer 3 User Guide

Fixel Detailizer 3 User Guide

User Guide for the first steps with Fixel Detailizer 3.

Fixel Detailizer 3 Installation Guide

Fixel Detailizer 3 Installation Guide

Installation guide for Fixel Detailizer 3.

Fixel Detailizer 3 - Multi Scale, Edge Preserving & Halos Free Sharpening

Fixel Detailizer 3 - Multi Scale, Edge Preserving & Halos Free Sharpening

A blog post on Fixel Detailizer 3 and Multi Scale, Edge Preserving & Halos Free Sharpening.

Fixel Detailizer 2

Fixel Detailizer 2

The previous version of Fixel Detailzier (Compatible with Photoshop CS6).

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Reviews & Users Voice

Fixel Detailizer is constantly among the Best Sellers and Top Rated lists of Photoshop Plug In's at Adobe Exchange.

Make a photo come alive

Hans Nilsson on Adobe Add Ons

It's easier to control than the highpass filter and what areas you want to affect. I never will need sharpening the old way again (usm and so forth).

Excellent support/product

Anonymous on Adobe Add Ons

Had installation problems with Adobe Extension Manager. Emailed the developer and a reply came back minutes later (on a Saturday!) along with installation files. Impressive product and support.

I like it

Dario Strilic on Adobe Add Ons

To enhance details without halos - friendly and fast support - it punch your photo in a natural subtle way - thanks.

Essential workflow tool

Peter Andrews on Adobe Add Ons

I have used many detail enhancers, the more I use fixel detailizer the more I'm convinced it's the best. the team offer wonderful support. highly recommended.

Great Add-On

Rosa Perry on Adobe Add Ons

Love Fixel Detailizer as it allows you to have full control on detail enhancement you require. Couldn't do without it in my workflow. Fixel Algorithms has amazing support. Worth way more than 5 stars!

Great Product & Support

Gerald Van Kollenburg on Adobe Add Ons

Great Product! I have been able to get detail out of my photos like never before. I use it on most of my photos, often in conjunction with other products and/or methods. Great support, too!

Great Plugin

Anthony Cooper on Adobe Add Ons

I use Fixel Detailizer 2Ae as part of my overall workflow. It does what it claims, it allow you to control and enhance the details and contrast level at each scale and it does this quite effectively..