Fixel Detailizer 3 - Installation Guide

How to Install Fixel Detailizer 3

Fixel Detailizer 3 Product and File Structure

What Is Fixel Detailizer 3?
Fixel Detailizer 3 is a Multi Scale / Frequency Detail Boosting Plug In for Photoshop. It has special features, like Edge Preserving Sharpening Engine, Multi Scale Decomposition and amazing and intuitive HTML UI, no other sharpener can match. It is literally a new era of sharpening for Photoshop users.
Product Download File Structure
When a user downloads the product it downloads a ZIP file which contain the following structure:
  • Fixel Detailizer <MajorVerion>.<MinorVersion>.<BuildNumber>.zip - The ZIP File container.
    • Fixel Detailizer <MajorVerion>.<MinorVersion>.<BuildNumber> - Windows Installer.exe - Windows Installer.
    • Fixel Detailizer <MajorVerion>.<MinorVersion>.<BuildNumber> - macOS Installer.dmg - macOS Installer.
    • Fixel Detailizer <MajorVerion> - Product Page.url - Link to Fixel Detailizer <MajorVerion> Product Page.
    • Fixel Detailizer <MajorVerion> - User Guide.url - Link to Fixel Detailizer <MajorVerion> User Guide.
    • Fixel Detailizer <MajorVerion> - Installation Guide.url - Link to Fixel Detailizer <MajorVerion> Installation Guide.
    • Manual Installation Assets - Folder with Manual Installation assets.
      • Fixel Detailizer <MajorVersion>.8bf - Windows Plug In.
      • Fixel Detailizer <MajorVersion>.plugin - macOS Plug In.
      • com.fixelalgorithms.detailizer<MajorVersion> - HTML Panel Folder.

Fixel Detailizer - Automatic & Manual Installation

Automatic Installation
Automatic installation is done by:
  1. Ensure Photoshop is closed.
  2. Extract the ZIP file on the local hard drive.
  3. Launch the installer:
    • Windows - Fixel Detailizer <MajorVerion>.<MinorVersion>.<BuildNumber> - Windows Installer.exe.
    • macOS - Fixel Detailizer <MajorVerion>.<MinorVersion>.<BuildNumber> - macOS Installer.dmg.
  4. Follow installer instructions.
  5. Start Photoshop.
  6. Launch the Plug In (Panel) by clicking Windows -> Extensions -> Fixel Detailizer 3.
Manual Installation
If the automatic installer fails for some reason one might use manually installation which is robust and fail proof if done correctly. The assets for manual installation are in the Manual Installation Assets folder within the product ZIP file. Fixel Detailizer is composed of 2 main components: HTML5 UI Panel and Photoshop Plug In. The installation steps are just about copying the 2 components into the respective folders (Depends on OS). The installation must be done while Photoshop is closed.
Installing the HTML Panel:
  1. Ensure Photoshop is closed.
  2. Extract the ZIP file on the local hard drive.
  3. Copy the HTML5 UI Panel Folder com.fixelalgorithms.detailizer<MajorVersion> from Manual Installation Assets to:
    • Windows - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\.
    • macOS - /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/.
    Copying might require Administrator Privileges.

Installing the Photoshop Plug In:
  1. Ensure Photoshop is closed.
  2. Extract the ZIP file on the local hard drive.
  3. Copy the Plug In File (Windows - Fixel Detailizer <MajorVersion>.8bf, macOS - Fixel Detailizer <MajorVersion>.plugin) from Manual Installation Assets to:
    • Windows - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-ins\CC\Fixel Algorithms\.
    • macOS - /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CC/Fixel Algorithms/.
    Create the folder Fixel Algorithms if it does not exist. Copying might require Administrator Privileges.
Once done installing both, launch Adobe Photoshop and start using Fixel Detailizer 3 by clicking Windows -> Extensions -> Fixel Detailizer 3.

Fixel Detailizer 3 - Installation & First Use Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Launch the Fixel Detailizer 3 UI?
Launching the UI is done like launching any HTML Panel in Photoshop: Window -> Extensions -> Fixel Detailizer 3.

Launching Fixel Detailizer UI
How to Launch Fixel Detailizer 3 on Adobe Photoshop CC (All Versions)

If you can't find it there, it means the UI wasn't installed properly.
What Is Fixel Algorithms -> Fixel Detailizer Under the Filter Menu?
As written above, Fixel Detailizer use an in house developed innovative algorithm. The filter Fixel Detailizer in the Filter Menu is used by Fixel Detailizer to apply the algorithm on the user image. Since no such algorithm is available in Photoshop we had to develop and implement the algorithm by ourselves. It is good it is there as it means the Plug In installation is successful. Yet the user shouldn't use it directly (Only use it through the UI).
What Is the Pre Installer in macOS Installation?
The Pre Installer script basically removes any current installation and make sure the folders are well defined. One must use it for proper installation in macOS. Also it can be used for uninstallation of the Plug In on macOs.
Why Does a User Account Control (UAC) Warning Appear When Installing on Windows?
Most of the EXE files downloaded from the Internet trigger this alerts on Windows (Which is good, people should be careful with pirated software on the Internet).
If you downloaded the product from us, you have nothing to be worried about. Users may use the MD5 table below to verify the file downloaded matches our file.

Fixel Detailizer 3 - Installers MD5 Hash Table

Why Are You Publishing This?
The idea is enabling our customers verify the have the file we intended them to have. It is important in our days with many Malwares distributed using pirated software.
The way to use it is after downloading the product you bought check its MD5 value. One could do that using WinMd5Free on Windows or md5sum on Mac OS X | check MD5 hashes on macOS.
Basically it verifies the digital signature of the file and ensures it is valid and its content is intact.
Fixel Detailizer 3.0.004
  • File Name - Fixel Detailizer
  • Creation Date - 09/01/2019.
  • MD5 - b0cf8121891367a38b3698cb1493e802.
Fixel Detailizer 3.0.001
  • File Name - Fixel Detailizer
  • Creation Date - 03/05/2019.
  • MD5 - d4bf006e6ca759f405e496c8f6d25453.
Fixel Detailizer 3.0.000
  • File Name - Fixel Detailizer
  • Creation Date - 11/04/2019.
  • MD5 - b194673e6c49ab5f9d738258ef80eb12.

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