How to Buy

On this website or Third Party Market Place

The suggested way to acquire our products is buying them directly here.
As independent developers it's great to be featured on Adobe's marketplace and have exposure, but the truth is that if you buy here:

  • The entire product price (payment processing fees excluded) goes to the developers, who will you and will be even more committed to building new features and stuff.
  • You create a link with us: e.g. we can directly inform you when updates or fixes are available.
  • The payment is processed by the same company (FastSpring) with the same security features and options than Adobe's.
  • Manual installation with the assets we provide is usually bullet-proof, compared to Adobe Exchange.

To buy from ours site, click on the red button that you'll find on each product page, like:

AE Sctipts
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Our video products (Plug In's) are exclusively available at AE Sctipts - Repository and marketplace of high-end tools for many leading 2D and 3D software packages which markets our After Effects and Premiere Plug In's.

  • Preferred place to buy our After Effects and Premiere Plug In's.
  • Browse hundreds of Free and Paid Scripts & Plug In's for Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere.
  • Bundles of our Plug In's for Photoshop and / or Premiere and / or After Effects at a special price.