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Machine Learning Powered, Recoloring, Color Grading and Style Transfer for Photographers and Designers

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Recoloring, Color Grading & Style Transfer

Recolor, Color Grade and Style Transfer are made easy. Create color palettes from inspiring images to reimagine the image in a creative and fun ways which have never been possible before.

Machine Learning Powered

Made by Fixel Algorithms, Recolor PS incorporate Machine Learning Algorithms to analyze image and extract its Color Palette for endless creativity opportunities for the user.

Color Palette Exploration

Manage endless number of Color Palettes to inspire creativity and color work. Interactive UI (Drag & Drop, Context Menu, Right Click) to support any Color Grading Workflow. Explore, Analyze, Imagine and Recolor...

Before After

Before After

Fixel Recolor UI

Workflow Supportive UI

Easily analyze images using Machine Learning algorithms, extract and create color palettes, manage them and use them to Color Grade your own images. Easily export colors and palettes to Photoshop's Color Swatches.

Interactive UI

Every UI Element is Interactive! Drag & Drop Color Swatches within / between a palette. Palette menu to Apply Color Grading, Save, Randomize, Delete, etc... Right Click on Color Swatches to edit or remove a color.

Manage Presets

Manage endless number of Color Palettes. Rename and Reorder palettes. Create and explore random or manually edited variations of the palettes. Don't ever think twice, save them all...

Recolor Interface


Fixel Recolor - Introductory Blog Post

Fixel Recolor - Introductory Blog Post

A Blog Post about Fixel Recolor - Image Recoloring, Color Grading and Style Transfer for Photographers and Designers.

Fixel Recolor - Installation Guide

Fixel Recolor - Installation Guide

An Installation Guide for Fixel Recolor (Automatic & Manual Installation).

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