Fixel EdgeHancer 3

Edge Enhancer Filter

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Novel Algorithm

EdgeHancer features novel algorithm to enhance and emphasize edges. Unlike classic sharpeners, EdgeHancer emphasizes the edges exclusively instead of increasing the contrast of the surrounding pixels.

8bit, 16bit, 32bit!

Made by Fixel Algorithms, EdgeHancer 3 core internally uses Floating Point (32bit) high precision, and works seamlessly on 8bit, 16bit and 32bit (HDR) files too!

Edge Preserving Algorithm

New in Fixel EdgeHancer 3, we added to EdgeHancer engine a new state of the art Edge Preserving algorithm to allow more selective effect with less artifacts and higher quality.

Before After

Before After

Fixel EdgeHancer 3 User Interface


Fixel EdgeHancer 3 User Guide

Fixel EdgeHancer 3 User Guide

User Guide for the first steps with Fixel EdgeHancer 3.

Fixel EdgeHancer 3 Installation Guide

Fixel EdgeHancer 3 Installation Guide

Installation guide for Fixel EdgeHancer 3.

Fixel EdgeHancer 2

Fixel EdgeHancer 2

The previous version of Fixel EdgeHancer (Compatible with Photoshop CS6).

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Reviews and Users Voice

Fixel EdgeHancer 2 PS

Raluca Gavra on Adobe Add Ons

The EdgeHancer 2 PS works perfect & easy for me. I'm very pleased with the results, as with all the other Fixel products.

EdgeHancer easy sharpen

Hans Nilsson on Adobe Add Ons

There is good control over the results and it's easy to get a natural result. There is no grain or halos introduced in the sharpening process, the filter just make things come out less flat.

Amazing Addon!

Anthony Cooper on Adobe Add Ons

It is a great asset that I use to sharpen my video without halos. It sharpens my video while leaving it looking very natural and great

An explosion of details - Version 2.5.1

Alexandre Boucher on Adobe Add Ons

I own the 100mm f/2.8L Macro and the images it provides are breathtaking. But when I started using the Fixel EdgeHancer 2 filter, a new world has opened up to me. This tool is really magical...